Friday, November 20, 2009

New Dolls!

Mom and I have been waiting for a shipment of raw sheeps wool to come in to make the hair for the Mammie dolls we have been working on. It finally came in this morning, and now the dolls are COMPLETE! There is a lot of detail in each girl. They have bloomers, dresses, aprons with pockets, headwraps, hand painted eyes and lips, 3-dimentional facial features, and of course hair made from raw sheeps wool. Some dolls have necklaces, while others have a stand of buttons pinned on with an old rusted safety pin. Each doll has a nametag pinned on her back.

All of the girls. We also make the rag garland behind the girls







Mom sewing the aprons on the dolls

Guess who paints the faces.....

And now, a photo update on the most important people in our lives......

In memory of UGA VII passing, Grimm modeling some sweet Georgia leg warmers.

Tonka is the master of the 'puppy-dog-eyes'

I made Maisy a bunk bed underneath my bench

J. Otis is getting big!

The Holidays are coming so quickly, and we are busy busy BUSY trying to get some Christmas items underway. If you have any suggestions or requests, let us know!!
Everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!

~ the Sweet Taters

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