Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Swell January

We have had a BUSY couple of weeks! I had my first doctors appointment for the baby, and all looks good so far.

We celebrated BBB's birthday with crazy good steaks on the Big Green Egg and lots of presents. Mom and I made her a scrapbook of all the photos of her and us in crazy of our "hobbies" is going to antique stores and taking pictures of each other in silly hats. I think she liked it....

My birthday was the 23rd, and Dave, mom, Cathy and I went to see Willie Nelson in Athens!! It was SO great! I also got a Canon 50D digital SLR camera, so you may notice the quality of our photos increasing!

I hope to get more and more into photography, and hopefully will be selling prints soon. Also, if you would like to do a FREE photo session, please drop me a line and let me know!! I am offering free sessions to build my portfolio and gain experience shooting people.

We will be heading to Southern Illinois to visit family very soon, so if you are in S.I. and see something you would like to have, let me know and we will bring it up for you! You can email me at

We have lots of new stuff to share with you. Mom really took a liking to making the bears, so she started experimenting with other animals...we now have sheep and bunnies!

Sheep with wool bag
real sheep's wool in the bag

Black bunny with carrot

Bunny on antique spindel

Witch dress with pinned on boots

the "Star Man" with a vest

Americana stockings
Available in Abe Lincoln and George Washington
filled with a copy of the constitution, grubby flag, and dried flowers

Handmade and hand painted flag
made from wooden slats from Southern Illinois

Stamping the stars onto the flag

I carved the star out of a potato for our "stamp"

And as for the dogs....

Maisy came in filthy a few days ago, and mom gave her a bath in my kitchen sink.
Grimm and J. Otis helped keep an eye on her.

Tonka is a bit of a loner...

J. Otis heard something funny.

It is still a little cold to lay outside,
so Grimm tans in the sunlight on the kitchen floor.

And I sit by my Lasko heater all day...
my nephew, Seth, taught me to love Lasko :)

Have a SWELL day!!

~the Sweet Taters

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Stuff for the New Year!!

We have been very busy lately! We all had a GREAT Christmas and New Year. Dave and I found out that we will be adding another member to the family...he or she will be arriving in September!! We will keep you posted on all of the baby updates! So far, everything is going great - no nausea or sickness at all...but the baby is hungry ALL of the time!! I'm sure that we will be making lots of baby items in the near future, so I will upload them as I can.

I've got mom in the "sweat shop" right now (my dining room) sewing doll quilts and dresses...they are so cute! I better get back in there...but first, we have a lot of new primitives to share with you all...

the 3 bears - Oliver, Otto & Otis


Snowman doll with corn cob pipe

covered books

another commissioned marriage stitchery


fun table runner

mom LOVES owls...

shelf sitter girls

this is a punch needle picture that I made for our friend Barbara for Christmas.
Dave made the frame, so everything is 100% handmade

I made this punch needle picture for mom for Christmas.
Also 100% handmade.

A pin cushion I made mom for Christmas...
It's J. Otis and Maisy :)

Marriage stitchery we made for my aunt Sheila's birthday.

Have a swell day!!

~the Sweet Taters

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Marriage Stitcheries

Recently my friend Jayme asked me to do some marriage sticheries - one for her and 3 for friends as Christmas presents.
The sticheries are 100% handmade - I stitch the writing, mom quilts it, and Dave makes the frames from old wood.

Angier - Est. 2009
They were married on a glacier in Alaska, so Jayme requested a mountain silhouette and cool colors

Doney - Est. 2009

Conkin - Est. 2005

Boyd - Est. 2005

Handwritten on the back of each piece - 100 years from now, it will be nice to be able to document where and when each piece was made.

If you would like us to make a marriage stitchery for you as well, just drop us a line at with your name, marriage year, and color preferences!!

Have a swell day!

~Sweet Taters

Friday, December 11, 2009

Whale, hello!

We have had a very busy couple of a Thanksgiving feast, Christmas shopping, sewing... Dave's birthday is on Sunday so tonight, at his request, we are going to the Varsity for dinner and then ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park...he has never eaten at the Varsity OR ice skated before, so it should be interesting!

I just wanted to post a few new things we have created.

Primitive whales

Whales are hand sewn, hand painted, and hand sanded

Crazy-eyed cats holding mice in their mouths

Sheep pulling pumpkin carriage punch needle pillow

Back of pillow

We are finishing up some commissioned work tonight, and will have photos to post shortly.

Have a swell day :)

~Sweet Taters

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pencil roll

So today I was having an awful day, feeling very stressed, having a possible sinus infection and/or strep throat, and starting to get really cranky, so I decided to take myself upstairs and do a project to get my mind off of some things.

I have been wanting to do a pencil roll for a while, and it seemed easy enough, so that is what I decided to make. I love it....but if you love it too, I will sell it to you :)

It holds all of my favorite art pencils perfectly :)

Cute button hole closures

On a side note....I got to meet Hairy Dawg yesterday at the Dawg Walk!
(that is my friend Jason with us)

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Dolls!

Mom and I have been waiting for a shipment of raw sheeps wool to come in to make the hair for the Mammie dolls we have been working on. It finally came in this morning, and now the dolls are COMPLETE! There is a lot of detail in each girl. They have bloomers, dresses, aprons with pockets, headwraps, hand painted eyes and lips, 3-dimentional facial features, and of course hair made from raw sheeps wool. Some dolls have necklaces, while others have a stand of buttons pinned on with an old rusted safety pin. Each doll has a nametag pinned on her back.

All of the girls. We also make the rag garland behind the girls







Mom sewing the aprons on the dolls

Guess who paints the faces.....

And now, a photo update on the most important people in our lives......

In memory of UGA VII passing, Grimm modeling some sweet Georgia leg warmers.

Tonka is the master of the 'puppy-dog-eyes'

I made Maisy a bunk bed underneath my bench

J. Otis is getting big!

The Holidays are coming so quickly, and we are busy busy BUSY trying to get some Christmas items underway. If you have any suggestions or requests, let us know!!
Everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!

~ the Sweet Taters