Friday, January 22, 2010

New Stuff for the New Year!!

We have been very busy lately! We all had a GREAT Christmas and New Year. Dave and I found out that we will be adding another member to the family...he or she will be arriving in September!! We will keep you posted on all of the baby updates! So far, everything is going great - no nausea or sickness at all...but the baby is hungry ALL of the time!! I'm sure that we will be making lots of baby items in the near future, so I will upload them as I can.

I've got mom in the "sweat shop" right now (my dining room) sewing doll quilts and dresses...they are so cute! I better get back in there...but first, we have a lot of new primitives to share with you all...

the 3 bears - Oliver, Otto & Otis


Snowman doll with corn cob pipe

covered books

another commissioned marriage stitchery


fun table runner

mom LOVES owls...

shelf sitter girls

this is a punch needle picture that I made for our friend Barbara for Christmas.
Dave made the frame, so everything is 100% handmade

I made this punch needle picture for mom for Christmas.
Also 100% handmade.

A pin cushion I made mom for Christmas...
It's J. Otis and Maisy :)

Marriage stitchery we made for my aunt Sheila's birthday.

Have a swell day!!

~the Sweet Taters

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